Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Riley Elizabeth.

Today is a very special day because my sister Riley is now 17 years old! There is no way I could sum up our relationship in a blog post, but here are some of my favorite things about my little (taller than me) sister!

Riley always makes me laugh. We have been entertaining each other since were just little girls and Riley hasn't stopped making me laugh since. We have spent many late nights talking and laughing in her room and would always remind my mom that we are just "sister bonding" when she would tell us to go to bed because we had school the next day. I also don't think any family road trip would be the same without her in the backseat with me, usually taking ugly selfies and singing along way too loud to the music with me. Just the other night, she called me and I hadn't laughed so hard in a while. This girl is hilarious and doesn't take life too seriously and I love it!

Havasupi backpacking trip-Summer 2013. Dying at mile 8.

Riley always makes time for me, and the other people she loves. I cannot count the number of times that I've been trying to do homework or go to bed early or do other some productive thing and Riley will come in and ask me to watch a movie with her, or if she can just "show me this YouTube video real quick". Let me tell you, 10 YouTube videos later, it's never very quick. But I love that she helps remind me what's important because I remember those nights messing around with her a lot more than perfectly completed math homework! She also understands my extrovert needs to be with people a majority of the time, and puts up with me when I just walk into her room and lay on her bed.

Trampoline naps-February 2014.

Riley isn't afraid to talk about her feelings. For some reason, I get super awkward when I'm talking about my feelings with my family. I'm comfortable telling other people about them, but when it comes to the people I know and loves best, the awkward 12 year old that didn't tell my family anything comes back. Riley is really good at genuinely complimenting everyone and expressing her appreciation and love for her family. We used to mostly just joke around and talk about the latest drama, but as we've gotten older we've been able to talk about the things that really matter and I love it.

Cheesy Target portraits-December 2013.

Riley has an unbelievably strong belief in Heavenly Father and his gospel. My sister sticks to her beliefs no matter what, and her testimony shines through everything she does. Even if her friends aren't making the greatest decisions, she always keeps things in perspective and chooses the right thing. She is an incredible example to me. I love walking into her room and seeing the scriptures laying out on her bed, motivating me to do better!

Seminary Graduation- May 2013.

Riley is always learning new things. When she was in elementary school, she would write "reports" on different animals just for fun. Not to turn in to her teacher or anything. She had a huge collection of books on animals and with those combined with the Internet, she would research things she was interested in and just write in them. Even now, she loves to read just like me and we have spent many Christmas breaks laying on the couches in our living room reading.

Natural beauty and sister love.

Riley is one of the most generous people I know! When we were younger, she would always buy me little presents or ask me if I wanted anything when we were at the store. Whenever we go on road trips, I never bring cash because I know I will waste it on stupid stuff, but we always walk out of the gas station with a snack for me and a snack for her, all on her bill. I probably owe her about $50 in gas station snacks, and it's kind of become a joke between us. (I mean, why would I bring money if this system is working so well?) She surprised me with a trip to Disneyland for my 16th birthday and it was so much fun! Riley is always willing to share the things she has.

Thanksgiving kisses-November 2013.

Basically, I love this girl a lot and I look up to her so much! I'm sad I can't be there for her birthday, but I'm so excited that she'll be up here in a week and a half with the rest of my family!


P.S. I have to admit that I stole about half of these pictures off Riley's Instagram... I don't have a ton of pictures of us on my computer! Also, apology for lack of childhood pictures. There are some pretty good ones, but they are all on my home computer :(

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Happy International Happiness Day, folks! Yes, that's a holiday and today has been simply grand.

But first, let me apologize for my complete lack of presence in the blogging sphere these last couple of weeks! I have been so incredibly busy with school and friends and trying to get enough sleep and maybe exercise sometimes that I have had no time to blog! Tomorrow I'll post an update on my life, for those of you that are dying to know what I've been up to ;)

Anyways, back to happiness. I've had plenty of reasons to be happy today! (Well, most days really.)

First of all, it was so sunny and beautiful out...I wore a short sleeve shirt and sandals and it was glorious.

Just a little selfie to prove that I'm still alive. Shout-out to that headband for hiding my 3rd day hair.

Also, March Madness started today! I'm usually not a big sports follower but my girl Kayla is and organized a bracket challenge for our ward and I'm getting a bit competitive about it. Unfortunately my bracket skills have not been amazing thus far...I'm at a solid 21.4% accuracy right now. But these upsets today are killing me! As is the fact that BYU lost today. Especially since I may or may not have skipped two classes to watch the game. (Shh don't tell my mom.) I'm still holding out for ASU to win tonight and then I can be happy with one of my schools! 

I'm also really happy that my family is coming to visit me in TWO WEEKS! They are coming up for General Conference and I'm so excited to see them all. Riley is sleeping over and it is going to be so much fun! I'm excited to show my little guys around campus and instill some BYU pride in them :)

Oh, and I almost forgot. This has been my soundtrack for the day. I mean, what works for International Happiness Day better than this song?

Yes, it's a little bit embarrassing how much I fangirl over this group. But come on, they are so charming and those voices. They kill me.

I'm off to Salt Lake tonight for some 80's dancing and am so ready. And by ready, I mean running on 4 hours of sleep. Oh, college life.

Hope you had a happy day!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Seven Weeks.

I look at the calendar. Seven weeks left, it tells me.
Seven weeks left of my freshman year of college.
Seven weeks with these people that I have grown to love so much over the past six months.
Seven weeks with a meal card that has given me a lot of unnecessary calories, but a lot of good memories.
Seven weeks of taking naps on my comfy bed in my cozy little dorm room.
Seven weeks where my best friends live 5 steps away from my door.
Seven weeks of cramming as many people into cars as possible wherever we go.
Seven weeks of staying up and sleeping in too late.
Seven weeks of Relief Society lessons taught by my dearest friends.
Seven weeks of visiting hours, where the boys invade the hall for a few hours every week.
Seven weeks of being with friends every night, not just on the weekends.
Seven weeks left in one of the best years of my life.

Seven weeks of classes that interest and excite me.
Seven weeks of some classes that I won’t be sad to be finished with.
Seven weeks of nights at the library till 12 am.
Seven weeks of cramming for tests and hoping for the best.
Seven weeks of last-minute assignments and rushing.
Seven weeks of reading that I will never be caught up on.
Seven weeks of trying to stay motivated and always feeling a little bit stressed.

Seven weeks left of my freshman year of college.
That leaves me feeling both thankful and unhappy, in the most bittersweet sort of way.
Seven weeks, that’s all I’ve got.
What matters now is what I do with it.