Thursday, March 6, 2014

Seven Weeks.

I look at the calendar. Seven weeks left, it tells me.
Seven weeks left of my freshman year of college.
Seven weeks with these people that I have grown to love so much over the past six months.
Seven weeks with a meal card that has given me a lot of unnecessary calories, but a lot of good memories.
Seven weeks of taking naps on my comfy bed in my cozy little dorm room.
Seven weeks where my best friends live 5 steps away from my door.
Seven weeks of cramming as many people into cars as possible wherever we go.
Seven weeks of staying up and sleeping in too late.
Seven weeks of Relief Society lessons taught by my dearest friends.
Seven weeks of visiting hours, where the boys invade the hall for a few hours every week.
Seven weeks of being with friends every night, not just on the weekends.
Seven weeks left in one of the best years of my life.

Seven weeks of classes that interest and excite me.
Seven weeks of some classes that I won’t be sad to be finished with.
Seven weeks of nights at the library till 12 am.
Seven weeks of cramming for tests and hoping for the best.
Seven weeks of last-minute assignments and rushing.
Seven weeks of reading that I will never be caught up on.
Seven weeks of trying to stay motivated and always feeling a little bit stressed.

Seven weeks left of my freshman year of college.
That leaves me feeling both thankful and unhappy, in the most bittersweet sort of way.
Seven weeks, that’s all I’ve got.
What matters now is what I do with it.


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