Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Feelin' artsy.

For my Art for Elementary Teachers class, we were assigned to go look at an exhibit in BYU's Museum of Art called "Shaping America" that explores the cultural influences on American art throughout history. After a delicious lunch at the museum cafe (MOA Monday...it's a thing.), I headed over with my notebook and pencil to take some notes on what I saw.

And as I explored each piece of art, I remembered how much I love going to art museums. Because I'm not super artistically inclined, I really appreciate those who are! And I really believe that art can convey emotions the way that words can't sometimes. Because I only went to one exhibit, I really took the time to read the background information on each piece and pay attention to the details. And as cheesy as it sounds, some of these actually took my breath away, like I let out an audible gasp...embarrassing I know. But some of this stuff is beautiful! Here were some of my favorites.

Silver Chalice with Roses by Julian Alden Weir (source)

Against the Sky by Robert Lewis Reid (source)
I just love how this woman is portrayed as feminine but powerful at the same time...I want to be like this!

Premier Chagrin  by Daniel Ridgway Knight (source)

Lift up Thine Eyes by Norman Rockwell (source)
This shows all the people who turn their eyes away from God because they are so focused on getting to where they need to. Makes me wonder how often I'm going through my day and Heavenly Father is hoping I lift up my eyes to Him.

The Calf  by Edwin Evans (source)

The Lake Scene by Sanford R. Gifford (source)
Some of these landscapes...this was definitely an "audible gasp" painting.

Anyways, go to an art museum. Choose an exhibit and take your time as you explore it. You'll leave feeling happy...I promise. And if you don't have time to head over to a museum, BYU has this entire exhibit online here (although there's no replacement for looking at a painting in person...) 

So that was just a little part of my day that left me feeling inspired. Just enjoying the little things :)


PS. I just had a fabulous flashback of exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art with my parents in NYC and making obnoxious comments with my dad as we walked through the exhibits like "Oh, I could do this better" or "You count this as art?" People love when you do that. Or how we seriously could not act  like adults around the nude Greek statues... so mature. Sometimes you have to appreciate the finer things in life but sometimes you have to act like you're 12. What can you do about it?

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