Friday, January 24, 2014

Just A Small Town {Weekend}

Hello, friends!

I am well aware that it is Thursday and it's a little sad that I'm just posting about last weekend right now...but life is busy, yeah know? And sometimes you are so busy living life that you don't have enough time to write about it. But, last weekend I was able to go with Erica to visit her hometown in Montrose, Colorado. She is from a quaint little town on the western slope of the state and I absolutely LOVED exploring it with her.

We drove up on Friday night after classes + last minute packing and then started our adventure on Saturday!

And by started our adventure, I mean slept in until 10 and went out to breakfast... Vacations are the best :) We decided to spend the rest of the day hanging around Montrose. It was so fun to have Erica show me some of her favorite places, including:

-Fox Movie Theatre: This is where Erica has worked for the past couple of years, and it is the coolest movie theatre I have ever been to! It is 100 years old, starting out as a theatre for shows and then transitioning to movies. It was one of the most unique buildings I have ever been in, with eccentric paintings everywhere and a huge variety of tiling+paint. We went to see Frozen (my second time and I loved it even more! The soundtrack is on repeat over here.) and it was crazy busy when we went! So Erica's manager asked her to help out for a few minutes while we were there and it was so fun to see my best friend in her element. A couple of old ladies turned to me and said, "Sorry you have to wait for your friend! She is just perfect for this job!" But, we got free snacks. So...#winning.

Seriously so cute. And small. Only 3 movies play at a time!

I'm kind of getting a "Sleeping Beauty's castle" kind of feel?

 4 different types of tile just on one wall.

Kickin' it junior high style with practically matching outfits. And yes, we're wearing leggings as pants because that's what happens when you're in college and procrastinate doing laundry and everything else is being washed.

-Coffee Trader

This is the most adorable little coffee shop I have ever seen! It is a house that was turned into a shop and it is so cute. We met up with Sam and Martell (two of Erica's good friends!) for hot chocolate/smoothies.

-Car wash: No explanation necessary, I just had to show you this lovely photo.

 -Dinner at this fun little Mexican place that I don't remember the name of: We drove up to the mountains (which are heavenly, by the way!) to this delicious Mexican place with Erica's parents. Their flour tortilla chips + salsa were to die for. As well as the delish quesadilla I ordered. (Currently thinking of Napoleon Dynamite's grandma: "Napoleon, make yourself a dang quesadilla!")

P.S. In case you were wondering if everything we did this day somehow had to do with food, you would be correct. Hey, we were on vacation!

That night we just relaxed in her home theater (big deal when you've been watching any movies on a laptop, leaning against your brick wall in your bedroom for the past 5 months...) and watched the Prince and Me, which I highly recommend if you're looking for a cheesy chick flick.

On Sunday, we slept in+blogged+went to church.

Sunny and smiley on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon!

Then Erica's mom made a delicious Sunday dinner...I seriously thought I died and went to heaven. Not that the Cannon Center isn't good, but it was amazing to have a nice home-cooked meal.

We spent the rest of the evening catching up on Downton Abbey (umm...I'm dying after that last episode!), doing nails, and talking about boys (what else is new?)

On Monday, we headed over to Ouray, a beautiful little mountain town about an hour away. We hiked Box Canyon Falls, watched crazy men ice climb, and enjoyed the amaaaazing hot springs. It was so rejuvenating to get out in nature for the day and just relax.

Just in case you weren't aware, running shoes+skinny jeans are the latest fashion ;) 

There is an ice climbing competition here every year and this is the sculpted platform for the winners!

 Our view from the hot springs.

Ahhh....take me back.
On Monday afternoon, we packed up and headed back to Provo!

Back to reality. I'm pretty sure there was some dramatic fake crying at this moment.

I could have stayed for another week, but it was so nice to just get a couple of days away from school/Provo/the dorms and hang out with my best friend! We had a lot of talk time between 10 hours in the car+3 days of straight time together and we definitely got to know each other better. Its always fun to find more about your friends' families, friends, and hopes for the future. (And also to Facebook stalk every boy we have ever liked...I would highly recommend doing that if you need a reminder to be grateful that its a good thing most of us don't marry our junior high crushes...)

We celebrated our arrival back in Provo with a trip to the grocery store with Kayla to prepare for the upcoming style.

I pretty much had a break-up with soda this summer, but sometimes when you need to push through the afternoon/an evening at the library, Diet Coke really just does the trick. Plus, it was 3 for $11, so we really couldn't pass the offer up. We looked a little ridiculous in our sweatpants, hauling out cases of soda to the car and had a couple of guys ask us if we remembered it was a school night...but they were both holding bottles of Coke Zero, so they understood ;)

College life came back swinging this week- we've only had 3 days of classes and yet it has seemed so long! It's all good though, I truly love all of my classes and I love the people I'm surrounded with. I've been trying to focus less on the to-do list and more on enjoying every day, because these really are some of the best times of my life!

Have a great Friday!


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