Sunday, January 19, 2014

School, Selfies, and Some Thoughts.

Hello, friends! Glad you stopped by :) I actually wrote this post on Friday, but after trying to fix some formatting issues (that are still not resolved as you can see), I just decided to publish it!

I cannot believe it's already Friday! I mean, I'm not complaining, but this week has flown by! I feel like I can summarize my week in this one picture:

Just a few of my lovely textbooks.

Or maybe this one:

I sent this picture to my mom at 2 am on Sunday night after spending hours trying to plan out my life...Making decisions is rough!

Okay, but all lame photos aside, I actually had a really great week! I am a lot busierwith schoolwork this semester, but I love most of my classes so I actually don't mind doing my homework most of the time. (Yes, I fully embrace that I'm sort of a nerd.) But I definitely had some fun too.

I went country swing dancing for the first time and it was a blast! (Tuesday nights in the Wilk, for all you BYU kids.) There were definitely a lot of pros there, but I embraced my lack of skill and just had fun :)

I also had my first day of ski class that I'm taking here at BYU. We go up to Sundance once a week for about 3 hours and take ski classes there! I was pretty nervous, but I had a great time! I didn't even get embarrassed when I fell, lost both my skis, and took 5 minutes to get them back on (Alright, real talk. I was a little embarrassed...but I got over it and that's what counts!) I'm excited to get to go at least once a week and hopefully improve a lot! After all, I'm going to be living 15 minutes away from a ski resort for the next 4 years, so I need to make the most of it!

Last night, I went 80's dancing  with two of my favorite girls, Kayla and Erica. Kayla LOVES 80's music and has been before, so she had to introduce Erica and I. It was at a sort of sketchy club in Salt Lake with sort of sketchy people...but then a ton of freshman from BYU showed up! So we all danced together, met some new people, and had a blast! And its always good when you are with your best friends who help you out when creepy guys try to talk/dance/flirt with you. Anyways, that will not be my only appearance at 80's Night this semester. In fact, I would probably go every Thursday night if there wasn't this silly thing called going to class...

You're not a freshman if you don't take pictures in your horribly plain dorm hallways before you go somewhere.

Erica is simply adorable. 

(No individual picture for Kayla because she realizes how ridiculous you look when you pose for a picture by yourself in 80's attire in your hallway. Smart girl.)

One thing that I've really been thinking about this week is how much the way you think about yourself affects how you act. I'm in an "Art for Elementary Teachers" class, where we are learning how to teach children art. Which is kind of a problem because I've never considered myself artistically inclined. (And when I say that, I mean that I would actually physically cringe when I heard we were making crafts for Young Women's. And that every artistic project I made in high school would have been impressive if it were made by a 4th grader.) 

 But on the first day of class, we watched this video that was actually pretty inspiring to me.


The speaker addresses how believing that you are creative will lead you to think creatively more than anything else. I decided that in this class I am not going to go in with a "I'm bad at art so everything I make will be horrible" attitude, but an attitude that I can be successful if I try.

And it has worked. We had to make a themed watercolor color wheel in class on Monday, and although it's a little messy, and many of the other projects turned out better than mine, I put in my best effort and I'm pleased with what I came up with.

Color wheel lollipops with a horrible quality camera.

I've realized that this can apply to any aspect of life. If I tell myself that I am outgoing, I take more opportunities to introduce myself and meet new people throughout my day. If I tell myself I can become a good skier, I don't get frustrated when I can't pick it up right away. If I tell myself that I'm a fit person, I get myself to the gym. It is crazy how much attitude affects actions! Hopefully, if I think enough like the person I want to become, I will start acting like the person I want to become. 

Have a great weekend! Do something you normally wouldn't. Step out of your comfort zone!
See you next week!


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