Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Story of My Life

Well here's another post title inspired by a song. Although this song doesn't describe my life at all, the title is applicable and I will be the first to admit that I'll put some One Direction on when I need some motivation to clean my room, go for a run, or get out of bed (or have a solo dance party when my roommate's gone...wait, what?) 

Anyways, lets explore the story of my life, shall we? (In a very condensed version...think "Reader's Digest" on a lame day.)

So I started out as a sassy, curly haired girl in Arizona. (Has much changed?)

First day of kindergarten.

Then let's just fast forward a few years...and all of a sudden I was going to Senior Prom with some of the coolest people I met in high school.

And then this crazy thing called high school graduation happened.

High school would have been completely different without my two main girls Chelsey and Alyssa.

Then just a few more months and all of a sudden I found myself sobbing as I said goodbye to my family, but then loving BYU the instant I stepped on campus. (And I'm still loving it in case you were wondering.)

Some highlights (or just moments I happened to capture on my less-than-stellar phone camera):

-Participating in the the production of a world-famous music video with the girls in my hall. Unfortunately I can't show it to you because it got taken off of Facebook because of copyright issues...lame.

This is my roommate Katie and this picture is blurry because we couldn't stop dancing for anything, especially not a silly photo.

-Going to lots of sporting events with my friends!

I love going to football games, but must they be so long? Usually by the end, you can find me complaining with Erica or Auburn about how long they are, eating an overpriced calzone because I missed dinner for the game, or not in the stadium at all anymore...but I really do love football games, I promise :)

Soccer game with Kayla (who happens to also blog right here!) Cosmo hugged me right before this picture was taken, so you can be a little jealous if you want. He's sort of my celebrity crush.

Only die-hard fans come to games when its snowing. Those die-hard fans might also leave half way through the second quarter because of said snow... (PS This is Erica and I love her and she blogs over here.)

-Stepping out of my comfort zone as much as I can!

Auburn and I played in "The Dating Game". She won an awkward date with a guy she didn't know, I won chocolate. So who's the real winner here?

-Spending tons of time with some of the most hilarious and fun guys I know!

I walked into the lobby of the Cannon Center one day and found them looking just like this. Just lounging, drinking apple beer and reading BYU's magazine. Never a dull moment I tell you.

-Having a blast with the people in my ward. My bishop always tells us that we're the best ward on campus and I believe it! You basically have an automatic 100+ friends just by being in this ward. You are likely to find us at the back tables in the cafeteria, partying in Taylor Hall lobby, or cramming highly illegal amounts of people into cars as we drive anywhere off campus.

Halloween party with Destiny, Katie, and Auburn. We were "social butterflies"! (Apology for the blurry picture.)

-Waking up to this outside my window. I thought I would absolutely hate the snow, and while I was happy to spend Thanksgiving in San Diego and Christmas in sunny Arizona, I think the snow is beautiful! Especially when it's settled on the trees.

My roommate and I may have freaked out a little bit when we saw this for the first time...we're both warm weather gals!

I could share a million more things, but I tried to find pictures that I haven't posted on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter before (I'm sort of a social media addict...#sorrynotsorry). I have loved being at BYU more than I ever imagined I would. It is not full of stuck-up well-dressed kids, or "Molly Mormons", or any of the other stereotypes that I expected. I truly believe that anyone can find people like them here. I have become closer to friends than I ever thought possible in just a few short months, and although I didn't spend enough time sleeping and bought too many late-night snacks out of the vending machines, I have no regrets about my first semester.

Here's to another great semester, full of new adventures, and of course, beautiful moments.


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